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    Best Western hotels have spent millions to get on Google Streetview

    http://www.naxncz.cn/StreetView/1370095.html 2014年04月28日 15:29:20

    Best Western announced in December last year that a “partnership” with Google would see every single hotel in its portfolio in North America available on Streetview.

    Some 2,200 hotels will be photographed for Google Business Photos by the end of 2014, the chain says.

    The idea is that consumers will have the chance to browse around a property using the 360 degree-style technology more commonly seen (and gaining popularity) on Google Maps and Earth.

    A property’s images and the opportunity to “walk” around a particular hotel will also be streamed through to relevant pages on Google Hotel Finder.

    Google Business Photos isn’t a particularly new concept, nor is a hotel chain using it – but Best Western is clearly making a big thing of its partnership with Google if it is having north of 2,000 properties exposed in such a way.

    Beyond the press release (“Google approached Best Western to beta test the virtual tour product earlier this year because of the brand’s reputation as an industry innovator, as well as its expansive footprint across North America”) there is some serious money involved in the deal.

    Though having Streetview-type images including on a property’s listing is essentially a free service, having a Google-appointed and hi-tech photographer to organise it all is not.

    A Best Western official says the cost to each hotel is $900 – in addition, “for the brand we have committed significant staff resources to accomplish this by the end of 2014″.

    Do the sums and you get just short of a $2 million investment collectively by Best Western’s array of individually owned and operated hotels.

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