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    腾讯发布国内首家高清Street View

    http://www.naxncz.cn/StreetView/1057352.html 2013年12月25日 16:28:13

    竞争激烈的互联网地图行业再度传出重磅消息,2012年12月13日下午,腾讯公司正式发布旗下SOSO街景地图(Street View),成为国内首家正式合规上线运营的街景地图(Street View)。

    The highly competitive Internet map renewed rumors of heavy industry news, December 13, 2012 afternoon, Tencent SOSO Street View of its official release, becoming the first official co-operation on the gauge line Street View.


    The launch of the SOSO Street View, including Beijing, Shenzhen, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Xi'an and Lhasa six cities.


    The domestic industry has long been a lack of similar maps Google Maps Street View of real products, SOSO Street View publishing success to fill gaps in the market, and promote the upgrading of the industry ecosystem map. Tencent has taken important steps to enrich the Internet map industry chain and ecosystem.


    Tencent company also shows four bright Street View of this release:


    First, the data overall. Street View covering local on-line operations 6 cities, covering Beijing Temple of Heaven, Forbidden City, Summer Palace, and Shanghai Xintiandi, Shenzhen Window of the World, Big Wild Goose Pagoda in Xi'an, Terracotta Warriors, Beilin, and more than 70 of the Potala Palace in Lhasa and other famous scenic spots, specialty produce 6 city ??night scene of more than 10,000 and the Shanghai Huangpu River, user group specifically for students launched Street View Map 66 universities.


    Secondly, the map of this on-line with a high-quality picture. All pictures are up to the level SLR cameras shoot HD picture quality, the picture is clear, sharp, transparent; visual effect is very good.


    Meanwhile, the release of Street View learn the lessons of similar foreign products to the public to adopt the most stringent privacy information processing. When Street View will shoot to the massive collection of personal data, vehicle information and public places, which set up special teams to deal with SOSO, where the person's face comes to personal information, private plate section and relate to public information have passed the first part of the sensitive area program, the audit approach to artificial blur or texture transplant to protect user privacy, and then through the competent authorities after passing the examination on-line publication.


    In addition, users can experience when using carefully designed SOSO street map delicate user experience. In access speed, Street View combined with traditional maps, Street View users marked locations to share with friends, etc., this release SOSO Street View were carried out elaborate choreography, and strive to provide the best user experience.


    In an interview, SOSO street business leaders briefly addressed the future business development.


    Data will continuously introduce more urban areas, allowing more users to enjoy the country is different from traditional Street View map superior experience; SOSO Street View open strategy will play an important role in the whole Tencent, the future will be for the industry chain and ecosystem introduced a variety of interfaces, as the upstream and downstream partners to use Street View offers convenient; always put the user experience into the heart of the business, continued to optimize products, reduce the threshold, in close connection with the user's daily travel, tourism, meetings, route search and other needs , offers a variety of high-quality features and services, build quality win reputation.

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